• The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament
  • The Parishes of Holy Cross and Blessed Sacrament

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil
4:00pmHoly Cross
5:30pmBlessed Sacrament

8:00amHoly Cross
9:30amBlessed Sacrament
11:00amHoly Cross

Daily Mass
Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:00amHoly Cross
Tues,Thurs: 7:30amBlessed Sacrament


Holy Cross
3:00pm to 3:45pm

Blessed Sacrament
3:15pm to 3:45pm

Outreach Services

AA Helpline1-800-640-7545
Birthright of Scranton570-961-1133
National Hotline For Abortion Recovery1-866-482+5433
Rachel’s Vineyard Post Abortive Healing1-877-467-3463
PA 24 Hour Child Abuse Hot Line1-800-932-0313

Latest Tweets

Mass Intentions

Date Time Location Intention Requested By
Monday 10/29 8:00 AMHoly CrossMary Ann BisignaniHusband & Family
Tuesday 10/30 7:30 AMBlessed SacramentJohn ChimockWife Betty & Family
Wednesday 10/31 8:00 AMHoly CrossJohn StrakaSons of Edward & Mary Novajosky
Vigitl Mass 5:30 PMBlessed SacramentKaren KowalskiAunt Nancy, Mark & Joanne Selvenis
Thursday 11/1 7:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Angelo Martarano Larry, Mary, Margaret Armbruster
All Saints 8:00 AMBlessed SacramentWilliam A. NalevankoDee Oleniacz & Family
7:00 PMBlessed SacramentMartin PaddenAnn & Jerry Valonis & Family
Friday 11/2 8:00 AMHoly CrossNancy Lally KolcharnoFamily
Saturday 11/34:00 PMHoly Cross Mass of Remembrance
5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament Andrew Lisko Wife Julie & Children
Sunday 11/4 8:00 AM Holy Cross Albert Yonick Martha Heffron & Family
9:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Angeline UrsoDaughter Maria & Isabella Urso
11:00 AM Holy Cross Longo, Giovagnoli Families & Terri Longo Markrell Family
Monday 11/5 8:00 AMHoly CrossAll Soul’s Intentions
Tuesday 11/6 7:30 AMBlessed SacramentGilda R. MeccaDrs. David & Susan Borys
Wednesday 11/7 8:00 AMHoly CrossVrabel & Kranick FamiliesNancy Vrabel
Thursday 11/8 7:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Deceased Members of the Zaluski & Kovaleski Families Theresa Zaluski
Friday 11/9 8:00 AMHoly CrossJohn StrakaRobert Decker Funeral Home
Saturday 11/104:00 PMHoly Cross James Lanuti Wife & Family
5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament Mass of Remembrance
Sunday 11/11 8:00 AM Holy Cross Bernadette Lapera Rusnak Family
9:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Mary BlahaDaughter Mary & Granddaughter Deborah
11:00 AM Holy Cross Chester P. Tracewski Jr. Wife, Son & Family
Monday 11/12 8:00 AMHoly CrossPeter BoretskyWife, Mary
Tuesday 11/13 7:30 AMBlessed SacramentAll Soul’s Intentions
Wednesday 11/14 8:00 AMHoly CrossAll Soul’s Intentions
Thursday 11/15 7:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Mary & Joseph Nawrocki Family
Friday 11/16 8:00 AMHoly CrossLouis MarraFamily
Saturday 11/174:00 PMHoly Cross Martha Guagliardo Mike & Lorraine Pidich
5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament Michael Gretzula Wife & Son
Sunday 11/18 8:00 AM Holy Cross Catherine & Stanley Prushinski Daughter
9:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Karen Fuhr SchroderFamily
11:00 AM Holy Cross Ross Jacobeno Robert & Maureen Santarelli
Monday 11/19 8:00 AMHoly CrossFrank Van NortWife, Jeannie
Tuesday 11/20 7:30 AMBlessed SacramentDeceased Members of the Shattin & Allen FamiliesWalter & DeSales Allen
Wednesday 11/21 8:00 AMHoly CrossAll Soul’s Intentions
Thursday 11/22 7:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Thanksgiving Mass
Thanksgiving 9:00 AM Holy Cross Thanksgiving Mass
Friday 11/23 8:00 AMHoly CrossDonna A. DolanLouis Bernacki
Saturday 11/244:00 PMHoly Cross Edward & Ann Checefsky John & Barbara
5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament Joseph, Lenore and Joseph Burak Barbara
Sunday 11/25 8:00 AM Holy Cross Frank E. McDonnell Marilyn Dolphin
9:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Kathy SrokaSchiavi Family
11:00 AM Holy Cross Angie, Josephine, Grace,Frances and Barbara Eleanor Keegan & Family
Monday 11/26 8:00 AMHoly CrossEdward & Amelia KolcharnoFamily
Tuesday 11/27 7:30 AMBlessed SacramentJohn & Jen MoellerJohn & Gail Moeller
Wednesday 11/28 8:00 AMHoly CrossJerry SantorsaMichael Grayson
Thursday 11/29 7:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Poplawsky & Benson Families
Thanksgiving 9:00 AM Holy Cross Thanksgiving Mass Poplawsky Family
Friday 11/30 8:00 AMHoly CrossJoseph WalshFamily
Saturday 12/14:00 PMHoly Cross Mary Gima Family
5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament John F. Glinsky Jr. Kloss Family
Sunday 12/2 8:00 AM Holy Cross George & Anita Lesho Family
9:30 AM Blessed Sacrament Daniel LalliParents Karen & Gary Lalli
11:00 AM Holy Cross Catherine Durkin Family

Parish Information

Pastor: Monsignor Michael Delaney

Deacon John Musyt

Holy Cross Parish

Delaware Avenue
Olyphant, PA 18447
Phone: (570) 489-0752
Fax: (570) 489-0225
eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Hours

Monday through Thursday
7:30am - 2:00pm
7:30am - 12:00 Noon
Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Judith Novak
Mr. Thomas Pearce
Mrs. Mary Therese McKane
Director of Religious Education:
Deacon John Musyt

Blessed Sacrament Parish

215 Rebecca Street
Throop, PA 18512
Phone: (570) 489-1963

Office Hours

Monday and Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm
Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Judith Novak
Mr. Bill Kosydar
Mr. Ned Dructor
Director of Religious Education:
Mrs. Rosemarie Liesiefsky
Youth Ministry
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Cheryl Kosydar
Right of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Bonnie Poklemba

Catholic Schools

LaSalle Academy
Principal: Mrs. Ellen Murphy
Phone: (570) 489-2010
Fax: (570) 489-3887
Web Site: http://www.lasalleacademyelementary.org/
Holy Cross High School
Principal: Mr. Benjamin Tolerico
Phone: (570) 346-7541
Fax: (570) 348-1070
Web Site:http://www.holycrosshs-dioceseofscranton.org/

All Are Welcome

As baptized followers of Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, we strive to proclaim the Gospel by promoting a welcoming community; celebrating the Eucharist and living our faith with charity, peace and justice.